What Sets Us Apart

Albuquerque Advanced Dental Care is a customer service-oriented office where our dedication to superb patient care, combined with the high level of customer service we deliver, truly sets us apart.

The New Patient Experience

Dr. Kerschen sees all our new patients first in an appointment we call the New Patient Experience. We feel it is extremely important for our patients to have an ample amount of time to meet the doctor and to discuss their oral health goals as they begin to establish their relationship with him. Listening to and getting to know our patients is a cornerstone principal of our practice.

Our Continuity of Care

Our patients will see Dr. Kerschen and the same hygienist for their appointments, which really enables us to get to know them and understand their individual oral health challenges and goals. This also helps us develop relationships with our patients and their families.

The majority of our team has been with us many years (some since we took over this practice in 2009), and our patients truly feel like they know our team and are comforted by the consistency and strength of their relationships. There is comfort in personally knowing the people who will be providing your care.

The Uniqueness of Our Team

Our team is made up of mature, genuine, and extremely knowledgeable dental professionals who truly care about our patients. There are lots of hugs, stories told, and laughter heard daily in our office.

We are also a charismatic, fun team that tries to minimize dental angst and promote a fun and light-hearted environment to put our patients at ease. We often have patients tell us that — much to their surprise — they really like coming to our “dental” office.

We understand that some people do not enjoy going to the dentist, but we do our best to provide a fun, caring environment so they realize coming to the dentist is not that bad after all. Sometimes it can even be fun!

Our Strong Community Focus

Dr. Kerschen and his wife Katie grew up in Albuquerque and love serving this community. It is extremely important to us all that we care for our patient community as we would our own friends and family ... as many of them are!

Our Vision Statement

We believe outstanding service and exceptional individualized care are what our patients deserve and desire.

Our commitment is always to strive to deliver the highest quality of dental care and education by providing superior service in a safe and friendly environment.

Our patients value their oral health and want to partner with us to achieve ideal care.

We succeed as a team of dedicated, hardworking individuals who always treat patients the way they would want to be treated.

We do things right; we make a difference!

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